3D Modelling Demo - click the image to play
Created in Maya 2012.
2D Animation Demo - click the image to play

Includes my work on the following shows: My Friend Rabbit, Peep and the Big Wide World, Futz, Best Ed and independent film Ooops.
2D Design Demo - click the image to play

Includes my work on the following shows: Stoked, Yummi Land, Futz, Best Ed and couple of my independent projects.

2D Art

(click on an image for high-resolution version)

Video Game Art

A run cycle I made for an iPhone game. The cycle consists of only 10 drawings and plays at 12fps. Both characters use the same "master-run-cycle animation" and only pieces were re-drawn or recoloured where necessary.


A character concept for a game (click the image for hi-res version). The player will unlock various "accessories" for his hero by completing different tasks. All accessories are interchangeable and can be freely combined with each other.


A title screen design and sample in-game screenshot with UI elements for a time management game where the player is in control of a Zoo.


UI designs.

Sept. 2012:
A few still images from my last project. I was co-directing and co-producing two commercials for a Korean ice cream manufacturer. I was responsible for timing the animatics/leicas, storyboards revisions, design and animation supervision.

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